10 Lake House Bedrooms To Dream About

Spending all day out on the water and in the fresh air makes for reinvigorating naps and long, cool dream filled evenings. We found some amazing lake house sleeping quarters that will inspire and help you create a wonderful one-of-a-kind bedroom.

1. The Rustic Cabin Style

Dark wood walls and a rustic yet charming look make this bedroom the perfect fit for a cabin on the lake.

source: Town & Country Living

2. The Classic Lake House Look

White wood walls and a few perfectly placed pillows make this room a home run for us!

source: Thistle Wood Farms

3. The Boys’ Bunk

Let those teenage boys bunk up together and have some fun. This bedroom is perfect for a summer house thanks to the creative storage under the bed and in the stairs.

source: Home Bunch

4. The Porch

What could be more beautiful than sleeping lakeside? This porch bedroom will make you want to fall asleep listening to the water and wakeup with the sunrise.

source: Home Dit

5. The Cousins’ Bunk

Fill up the cabin with cousins and let them stay together in one room. This is a great looking bedroom which can be enjoyed by anyone.

source: Casa de Fanzenda

6. The Modern Lake House Look

Not all lake houses have a rustic look, many include a more modern style making this a perfect combination.

source: Pencil Saving Studio

7. The Pottery Barn Style

Inspired by a more preppy lakeside look, Pottery Barn showcases a great way to keep your little boys and girls happy in a stars and stripes themed room.

source: Pottery Barn

8. The Elegant Bunk Room

When the family is up over the 4th of July this room is the perfect place to have everyone stay. The blue and white look is ideal for a lake house and the clean, updated construction of the bunks means it will comfort the family for years to come!

source: Home Bunch

9. The Grownup Bunk Room

Perfect for when guests come to stay, this room has an elegant and grownup feel about it but with the updated bunk style it maintains the feeling of a summer or lake house.

source: Remodelista

10. The Girl’s Bunk

Elegant and classy this bunk room is perfect for all guests, especially teenage girls!

source: HGTV


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