Launching Into Spring: 7 Tips For Getting Your Boat Ready For Spring

Spring is a pretty exciting time for boat owners and if you have been in a colder climate like we are here at Watercraft Sales we know you can’t wait to jump in the boat and get cruising. Keeping your boat in top condition is just one of the services we offer at our Three Lakes, WI marina so to help you start your boating season off right our sales and service team put together a list of 7 tips for launching your boat into the spring season.


  1. Check The Compartments – Inspect interior, storage compartments, engine area for signs of rodent infestation or signs that they made a home for the winter. Rodents can clog up cooling lines, chew up wiring harnesses etc.
  1. Battery Power – Charge and if necessary replace the battery – your battery is the lifeline of the boat.
  1. Check For Cracks – Inspect fiberglass hull for any cracks or gel coat chips that got missed last fall. If a crack is through the gel coat, you will want to have it repaired as to not let water seep in underneath the gel coat causing further damage.


  1. Inspect The Trailer – Make sure the lights are working properly and all intact. Check the wheels and grease wheel bearings, you should replace them if they haven’t been in use for a few years.
  1. Wax On, Wax Off – Wax exterior of the hull which will resist fading and chalking and keeping the boat looking it’s best. (if you leave your in the water, you will want to acid wash or clean the hull before putting it in the water in spring to keep the growth and scum at a minimum and keeping it manageable year after year).


  1. Check The Water Pump – If longer than 2 years, replace your water pump impeller. Many people go 5 years or longer, but this is the part that brings in your cooling water, and over time they can dry rot disintegrate. When this happens your engine overheats and hopefully just ruins your day on the water, and doesn’t cause even more damage with a hot overheat. Replaced regularly even with low hour usage. If you don’t know what an impeller is, then it needs to be replaced!
  1. Check The Fluids – It is important for your boat that you check all of the Make sure  fluids at the start of your season. First check the engine oil, (if an inboard, check the transmission fluid – making sure that it is topped off, as well as not murky IE: indicating water in the transmission.)  If you have a I/O or sterndrive or an outboard, you will want to check the engine oil, or oil reservoir and ensure you they are topped off.  In addition, you want to check the lower unit oil, and again make sure level is topped off and it isn’t milky- indicating water in the oil due to bad lower unit seals. Top off fuel with fresh gas, if it wasn’t full when you put it away. During the first run of the year, listen for signs of needing a tune up, ie: new spark plugs, missing, or bogging out upon take off.

Let the Watercraft Sales service experts do the heavy lifting and get your boat tuned up and detailed for Spring!



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