7 Stand Up Board Tips For Beginners


It seems everyone is loving the new trend of using a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) and it is easy to understand why given the exercise they provide and how relaxing the ride can be. Here at Watercraft Sales we have found many of our customers love this type of activity since it gets them out on the water with minimal effort. Looking to rent a stand up paddle board in Three Lakes, WI… Watercraft Sales has stand up paddle boards for rent and for sale!


What Do I Need To SUP?

You need to have a few key items if you want to have a good day paddle boarding. A stand up paddle board, paddle, correct PFD (lifejacket), and a leash.

According to the Wisconsin DNR, a paddle board or SUP is considered a boat and you need a lifejacket. Read more about that here.

How Do I Carry The Board?

Most SUP have a space designed, a small cutout for your hand making carrying the SUP easy.

How Do I Stand Up?

The best place to start on your SUP is in calm shallow water, this will make standing up and getting acclimated to the SUP easier. Next, you will should place your paddle on the board, across the center and then hold the board on either side. Climb onto the board and start in the center of the board on both knees. Once you have achieved a balance, you can start to stand up using your hands for extra support. Once in the standing position you can play with your footing until you feel 100% comfortable.

What Is The Correct Stance?

The only way to keep yourself from falling is to have the correct stance on the SUP. Try to keep your feet about hip distance apart. Having your toes pointed forward with a slight bend in your knee with also help you maintain a good balance. Once you start moving on the SUP your balance will actually improve, it is easier to stay balanced when you are in motion.

How Do I Paddle?

Now that you are up and standing it is time to get moving and explore! Which ever side of the board your paddle is on that same hand should be lower on the paddle. So if you are paddling on the left, your left hand is lower while the right hand is on top of the paddle. Switch hand position when you switch sides of the SUP. Moving your arms is great but be sure to engage your core muscles as you comfortable.

Can I Turn?

Don’t just move in one direction, get good at turning and see where your SUP takes you. The fastest and easiest way to turn is to paddle on one side until your SUP starts to move in the direction you would like it to. You can also experiment with dragging your paddle along side of the SUP which will also turn the SUP.

What Happens When I Fall?

Everyone will experience falling when learning how to SUP and that is okay! One of the best things you can remember when falling is to fall away from your SUP and to let go of the paddle, this can help prevent injury.



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